Alderley Edge

why atelier b

14   / 08  /   2017

Atelier b has been 8 years in the making.  I have over 20 years experience working with high-end flooring and wanted to showcase the very best, as soon as the studio became available in Alderley Edge it was all systems go!


I have spent the best part of 6 months visiting unique flooring manufacturers in the UK and as soon as I had met with Silvan Floors, Concept Handtufting and Ardesia, I knew the right team was available for me to create Atelier b.


The team at Silvan Floors was an obvious choice as soon we met.  They have a wealth of experience in high-end wood manufacturing and installation.  Their story is great, as they are the only sawmill in the UK manufacturing bespoke wooden floors. Their products are stunning, these aren't just wood floors, they are pieces of art and every floor is manufactured to the customer's specification using time served craftsmen. Silvan Floors and Atelier b is a fantastic partnership and by visiting our studio you will get a real understanding of the quality they produce. 


With Concept Handtufting, there was an element of luck (or fate as I prefer to say). Previously I have dealt with most of the large Carpet Manufacturers and although they offer nice ranges, it was nothing different or that really stood out.  As soon I visited Charles and Amy (Directors of Concept Handtufting) and saw what they were all about it was an easy decision.  These guys know exactly what they are doing, they are the only UK manufacturer of Carpets and Rugs with a yarn spinning background meaning they fully appreciate the steps needed to produce the quality they do.  They can basically take a drawing or basic idea and custom make the carpet/rug from start to finish.  Again, pop into the showroom to see some examples of their work.